1.  Is there a special visa requirement to enter Chile?

The Chilean border control will issue a tourist visa upon entry into the country.  No prior paperwork (United States citizens) is required other than having a valid passport with an expiration date good through the time you plan to be in Chile.  Citizens from the USA are no longer required to pay for this visa (Feb 2015).  Please check with your country’s requirements regarding entry into Chile.

2.  Is there any special insurance required?

You should confirm that your health insurance will cover you while in Chile.  The health care system in Chile is excellent with high quality medical facilities and well-trained personnel.

3.  Can I ride and take lessons without competing?

Of course!  We welcome riders who want to ride and stay with us, but we certainly do not require you to compete.  Some guests have just accompanied us to the show and thoroughly enjoyed the experience of riding at the farm and taking in the competition atmosphere.  

4.  Are there any special authorization forms required to compete in Chile?

No.  The Federación Ecuestre de Chile welcomes riders from other countries at their competitions.  There is a membership fee, but this is included in your package price.

5.  What happens if I fail to match with a horse?

We have a variety of great horses that are used by jumpers of various levels and experience.  Our trainers will work with you to find the best match so that you can enjoy your experience.  The competition classes are also for riders of various levels.  In our experience, guests who are comfortable jumping have no problem enjoying the show jumping in Chile.

Frequently asked questions